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#57004 Please keep discussion in this forum On-Topic

Posted by RobbyZ on 21 April 2014 - 08:29 PM

In the past few days, there's a lot of off-topic discussion going on in this forum, especially after a few responses.  Please keep discussion on-topic to 8BitMMO related discussion.


If you would like to talk about other things, the General Forums are perfect for that :)

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#81195 Posting General

Posted by CyberOblivion on 22 February 2016 - 12:28 AM

I attempted to build a space shuttle, I might tweak its design a bit later, but this is it currently: space shuttle2.png

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#72585 Posting General

Posted by Sage on 28 January 2015 - 02:43 AM



wow, look at all those minorities, sim is the only majority there!



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#81887 8bitmmo Current Status.

Posted by Thanatos Hades on 09 July 2016 - 05:43 PM

Many people have said the game is dying or is dead or have asked if that is the case.

I have spoken to the games developer and as it stands there are no updates planned in the near or far future. The game WILL stay up and running and be maintained as it currently is but do not expect any further updates. He didn't say there will NEVER be any more out right but definitely don't expect there to be any.


All I can suggest is to keep playing as you normally have been. As stated above the game will remain up and running. There is still plenty of open land on map 66 and in the south half of map 68.


There are no plans for a wheneverbit this year. Sim did not say there wouldn't be one out right it is still possible that there could be one just DO NOT expect there to be one.



Autocap has been spotted. For those who don't know. Autocap is a bot that Sim uses to update the world map. It takes a long time to do but eventually we should get a world map update.



World map is updated. Although sadly it bugged out for map 68 so that is still not shown.

Do not know if this is going to be fixed. Might have to wait till next run.

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#78108 Bug Reports

Posted by Setk on 18 August 2015 - 08:32 PM

So I know the "building out of your factory" bug is known. But it's actually quite amusing.



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#70488 Posting General

Posted by Kyro on 15 December 2014 - 01:28 AM

In an attempt to give General some integrity, post anything that doesn't deserve its own thread here.


Just got 300 posts? Post it here instead of a new thread.


Want to start something without a thread? Post it here instead of a new thread.


Did your dog do something random that no discussion will come out of? Post it here instead of a new thread.


Want to post dank memes? Post it here instead of making a 30th meme thread.



Also attention seekers general: Threaten to delete your account if you don't get likes on a post, complain that its a Tuesday, say something about a mod not giving you a plat item for free.

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#49242 >>>>>> FAQ <<<<<<<<

Posted by RobbyZ on 15 December 2013 - 10:15 PM

Please read up on the FAQ first before posting a question.  Thank you :)

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#81082 Setting up HexChat for 8bitMMO

Posted by ToxicPenguin_ on 06 February 2016 - 04:38 PM

For some unknown reason my computer blue-screened and, after booting up, HexChat crashed on launch. So I figured I should do a tutorial as I got it reinstalled. If people enjoy this I can add to it with more settings to make HexChat feel more like qwebirc, the web browser client you can find on the 8bitMMO website.


You can find the HexChat website with a quick Google search. Follow all of the steps for the download and install. I suggest ignoring the options for Python scripts unless you know what you're doing (I don't).



This is the window you'll first see when launching HexChat. It'll automatically enter your Windows username as the Nickname and modify it slightly for your second and third choices. You can set these to whatever you wish. The second and third choices are what will automatically be set as your nick  if your first choice is taken. I suggest you use a nickname that is not protected by Nickserv as your second choice if you want to use auto-reconnect and auto-connect commands.


Once your username and nicknames are set up you can click the add button to create a new network. You can name this to whatever you want. Click edit to begin configuring this network.



To set the server address replace "newserver" with "irc.editingarchive.com". Leave the /6667. As you'll probably notice when trying to edit this, you need to press enter any time you modify something on this window or it will be reset.


Modifying the log in method can cause problems with auto-reconnect as, in my experience, it enters the information too quickly. It is, however, great if you don't plan to leave HexChat idle 24/7. The same is true for the auto-join channels. It will join those channels faster than you can get an invite from ChanServ, causing issues with protected channels. If you don't need to identify with NickServ or get an invite, they are great for a quick connection.


If you do plan on sitting idle 24/7 and maybe logging chat, you'll want to use connect commands. The commands I use are below. Before that I want to explain the TIMER command. I believe this is a command only for the HexChat client but I am most likely wrong. The TIMER command is used as "TIMER <seconds to wait> COMMAND". I use these to both compensate for any lag and to ensure that enough time for invites is given.

     GHOST Toxic <password>

     GHOST Toxic_Archive <password>

     TIMER 10 NICK Toxic


     TIMER 20 JOIN #moi,#8bit,#8bit-gamewatch,#8bit-gamewatch-serv4

     TIMER 22 AWAY Auto-connect


With all of this you can connect to the server and begin personalizing HexChat. Though I didn't want to make this about customizing your client until I got feedback, I feel the default settings are too different from the web browser client. To make it feel more like qwebirc you can click View and enable the userlist buttons. I suggest going through Settings > Preferences > Interface and setting the "channel switcher" to tabs and having it display at the top of the window. You may also notice that you won't get any alert beeps from people saying your nickname. You'll need to go into the sounds tab and add a sound from your computer for Channel Message HIghlight and Channel Action Highlight. I'll try to find the files for the qwebirc beeps to share as attachments.


EDIT: I was incorrect on the TIMER command. You do not need to have a slash before the command you wish to execute. That part of the tutorial has been removed.

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#51609 Signature Size Limit = 200px

Posted by RobbyZ on 03 February 2014 - 09:44 PM

Wow.  Much offtopic.  Very locked.

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#48688 How To Trade

Posted by Trololo on 10 November 2013 - 02:15 AM

Get next to the player and say /trade GENERICUSERNAME


To lower the value (amount) of object click and hold the object and press /


Then drag it into the top box which is yours.

To lower the value without completely starting over, get the value closest to the exact value, put it in the box, then pick it back up and take away as many as you need.


For example: I want to give Grim 5600 gold, My gold gets closest to 6000, So, I put in 6k in the box. Then I click and hold on it and half ( / ) it down to 600. Then I place the 600 (while still holding onto the gold) in my inventory. 


Do this the same if you have more (extra) gold, too. Just vice versa, place the gold in the box instead of your inventory. 

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#46499 Town Expansion Platinum Costs

Posted by psychoticsmiley on 02 June 2012 - 01:27 AM

Breaking down the expansion costs.

1. 10 platinum= +16 regions.
2. 25 platinum= +24 regions.
3. 30 platinum= +32 regions
4. 60 platinum= +40 regions.
5. 130 platinum= +45 regions.
6. 200 platinum= (+50?) regions.
7. 300 platinum= (+? ) regions.
( I ran into this today, 10 platinum for 16 regions, as well as 20 platinum for 16 regions.)

Now to be fair the numbers may be a little off due to original placement and region locations. Since the max I believe is 200 regions, that list shows a total of 207 regions.

If someone can confirm that has paid for the 200 plat region if it is actually 50.

The max is 40x40 regions. which comes out to 400 square.

Today 6/29/2012 I just got +57 regions for 50 platinum.
never seen that amount of plat or region expansion.

7/1/2012 updating the list with the new expansion prices/ regions.
*note* This seems to affect towns that were around prior to the updating of the platinum/ gold amounts in June 2012.
10 platinum = 16 regions.
25 platinum = 38 regions.
30 platinum = 32 regions
50 platinum = 57 regions.
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#78085 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Posted by RobbyZ on 18 August 2015 - 04:06 AM

Q: Can I stream / YouTube this game?

You may post monetized videos of this game to YouTube / Twitch.tv


Q: I have an AZERTY keyboard or otherwise want to change the keybinds

When starting the game via AESU, check 'File > Show Resolution Options on Launch' then launch the game.  On the input tab, you will be able to adjust the keys.


Q: I get a crash immediately after the Unity logo, no output log is shown
Disable antivirus (in particular Avast).
Q: Aesu.exe is not a valid Win32 executable
Sorry, Windows XP is not supported at this time.

Q: How do I set up AESU to use a proxy

Follow these steps.


Q: How do I run MOI on Linux / Linux FAQ?

Please see the MOI on Linux page


Q: On OSX, I clicked Launch but nothing happened

A: Check to see if a settings window popped up behind the AESU window after you clicked Launch.


Q: I am running on OSX and the screen appears corrupted in windowed mode

Try running in fullscreen mode and see if that fixes the issue


Q: I get a crash right away on OSX

Try different rendering settings, in particular, try 'Fantastic' quality.


Q: I closed March of Industry, but Steam thinks it is still running.

First, make sure both the game and launcher are closed.


Second, try opening task manager and close any instances of 'AESU.exe' or 'MarchOfIndustry.exe'.


Finally, if Steam still thinks the game is running, then unfortunately you've hit a rare bug in Steam itself.  Try a reboot.  We hit this issue once, and after a reboot this bug seems to fix itself and Steam properly recognizes when the game & launcher closes.


Q: I bought March of Industry on your site for $9.99, but why is there an additional $1 charge?
This is not an actual charge.  Our payment processor attempts to validate the card by placing a momentary $0 hold, or for a small number of banks that do not allow a $0 hold, then a $1 hold.  This hold is immediately released by our processor, but unfortunately a few banks don't remove it immediately.

Please rest assured that your bank will remove it -- on some banks this is instant, but in rare situations for a small number of slow banks, it can take as much as a few weeks.  If it hasn't already been reversed, most likely it will be within the next few days.  We apologize for this inconvenience!
Q: The launcher downloads the game fine, but when start the game, I get this error:

error communicating with server
please double check to see if have any firewalls or internet safety filters enabled
Error: proxy CONNECT aborted

These steps over at the Robocraft forums also fixed this error for at least one MOI player.


Manually disabling the use of a proxy:

  • Open Internet Explorer (by clicking the Start button 4f6cbd09-148c-4dd8-b1f2-48f232a2fd33_818. In the search box, type Internet Explorer, and then, in the list of results, click Internet Explorer.)
  • Click the Tools button (the gear), and then click Internet Options
  • Go to connections tab
  • Press on lan-settings
  • Make sure the proxyserver box is UNCHECKED
  • DO check the box “Automatically detect settings”
  • Credits to @phreakiedude


Or disable the proxy settings using the regedit (for the more technical users):

  • Go to Start search (regedit)
  • After opening regedit u will see HKEY_CURRENT_USER open the tree (click on it)
  • Search for “Software” and open the tree (click on it)
  • Search for “Microsoft” and open the tree (click on it)
  • Search for “Windows” and open the tree (click on it)
  • Search for “currentversion” and open the tree (click on it)
  • Search for “internet setting” and open the tree (click on it)
  • Find ProxyEnable and Proxyserver, delete both (if you have them, DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING ELSE)

Credits to @tankiller123


Q: I found a bug!

Please report it on this forum or on the bug tracker.


Q: I have a different problem with the game

Please make a post on this forum with as much information as possible.


Q: I have a billing question

You may open a support ticket here for questions which are not appropriate to post publicly.  For general game questions, suggestions, technical troubleshooting, etc -- please use the forums instead.  You will get a response faster because the community can respond more quickly than a single dev can (also, they know more than I do, heh)

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#71227 Posting General

Posted by madman on 31 December 2014 - 07:11 AM

we all know that steak is munny

but what im bout to say ain't that funny

now im sure uve been to the zoo

grinding it up, yes i know you do

but have u ever wondered why they call it "farming"

now im starting to talk and its getting alarming

the act we call farming is just like its name

the mobs that we kill are actually game

they get packaged in box tech

and get sent to who knows heck.

the slice em and dice em

till they look real nice (em)

and thats how we get steak

now lets break

this cruel system, it's pretty overrate

nearly more cruel then setks "rewardblock in fee door room" sign's bait

but if you must eat your steak

make sure to wash it in a lake

cuz who knows where its been

don't eat if its green


so i made a comic about zooty sneaky sneakers, dank clan, regius sapphirus and legobox. enjoy :)


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#47745 Welcome to the Item Trading forum

Posted by Trololo on 14 August 2013 - 10:23 PM




This will be great 

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#82483 Posting General

Posted by Sharky on 07 April 2017 - 09:25 PM

Due to my absence, I'll probably never finish so I thought I'd show you my progress of my mansion. http://imgur.com/a/h7uxh


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#81327 Posting General

Posted by Sharky on 13 March 2016 - 10:46 AM

My recent build, you can see it if you go to 4,40,24:-25,103=68. Sorry for the /loc, having some inconvenience with gold. And I haven't started the interior.


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#75992 Posting General

Posted by SneakySneakers on 24 May 2015 - 08:22 AM

Hey guys I posted a general


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#52671 Town Expansion Platinum Costs

Posted by Fungdark on 18 February 2014 - 05:53 PM

Each region is 16 blocks x 16 blocks, with no height limit as far as I'm aware.  You were right in your count of 48 x 48 as the starting town area, which is 3x3 regions (which means you start out with 9 total regions). The first town expansion you do (adds 16 regions for a total of 25) will bring your town (in regions) to 5x5.  In blocks that's (5x16) x (5x16) = 80 x 80 blocks.


As far as the coordinates go, here's how you read those: 251, 63, 0 : -111, 109 = 65 (from /loc command)


The green numbers represent the position of the region that you are currently in, with 0,0 being the middle of the map.  -127, -127 is upper left of the map, and 127, 127 is the region in the bottom right.


The blue numbers represent your character's position within the region, with 1,1 being in the upper left of the region, and 256,256 being the bottom right.


The red number is your height, or Z-Axis.


= 65 is the map you're on.

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#47744 Welcome to the Item Trading forum

Posted by RobbyZ on 14 August 2013 - 10:17 PM

So recently, kkfenix, trololo, zloc, and pixelplayer implemented a forum for trading.  I think this is a great idea, and I'd like to have an official subforum in that vein -- hopefully encouraging even more trading.


My suggestions for making the most of this forum:


1)  Include the name of the item you are discussing in the title


2)  Tag the thread with relevant tags.  For instance:

  • WTB - You want to buy this item
  • WTS - You want to sell this item
  • WTT - You want to trade for another item

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#46540 Town Expansion Platinum Costs

Posted by psychoticsmiley on 02 August 2012 - 07:29 PM

Sometimes it may be difficult to plan out how your town will expand.

If it is close enough to another town you may gain more regions on the sides away from the closest town.

town 1.
ccccccc®|xxxxxxxxxxx|cccccc(town 2)cccccccc

the town 1 will more than likely gain regions marked with® when expanded, since the town 2 is close.

Eventually when both towns are expanded, their borders will touch, but one town will Never overlap and take over town 2's space.
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