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Posted 14 January 2019 - 02:33 PM

I have noticed that players of 8bit seem to be tended toward other pixelated games (Terraria, ROTMG, Stardew Valley, etc.), so I decided to share some I have played.

Superfighters Deluxe
A C#-coded multiplayer pixelated action platformer, SFD is a sequel to Superfighters, a flash game in the same vein. The first release of SFD was Pre-Alpha 1.0 in 2012, and since it was not advertised, the playerbase was limited to players of the first game who happened to visit he website. It was released on Steam on November 30th of last year, so the community is still small, but it will most likely be Terraria-size within a few years. The game itself is extremely chaotic (think SSB with items on) and relies mostly on luck rather than skill. It includes controller support, 2-player local, a map editor with C# scripting, campaigns, bots, and survival; it is solely developed by Alexander “Gurt” Siigur and Johan Hjarpe.
Website: mythologicinteractive.com
Steam: [url=store.steampowered.com/app/855860]oof[/url
Forums: mythologicinteractiveforums.com

An ultra-grindy, surprisingly immersive, free-pvp MMORPG with Atari-ish graphics, Aberoth shares 8bit’s “Mixed” Steam rating and pessimistic community. The game was first available around early 2010, and was released on Steam in 2015. The gameplay looks rather unexciting (“walk around and hit stuff”) and it has an old-fashioned drop-everything-on-death (though you can prevent this), no soulbound items approach, and you can be killed by other players at any time except in “safe” areas such as the town. There is also an item “building” system where you can stack items to make structures, and it was planned and supported by the developer (*cough* glitchblocking *cough*). The business model is probably better: subscribe for a small amount of money, and you get access to special features, special areas, special items every 50 or so days (remember, no soulbound) and the ability to “commend” or “condemn” other players. Most of the older players are inactive, but there are still usually 50-100 players on a good day, spread across 8 “realms”, or servers. The sole developer, who goes by Simple, shares some qualities with RobbyZ: has stopped making large updates to the game, disliked by some of the community, and is known for bans. Aberoth is available on your web browser (HTML, and there is a rather clunky mobile interface) in a downloadable version, Java, and Steam.
Website: aberoth.com
Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/354200
Reddit: reddit.com/r/aberoth

Mystera Legacy
Mystera Legacy is a sandbox MMORPG with RPG Maker-esque graphics. The website describes it as “a mix of Minecraft, Tibia, and Stardew Valley”. You can build a base, form a tribe, tend to a farm, kill other players, fish, explore the infinite dungeon, and so on. It also boasts a complete lack of microtransactions.
Website: mysteralegacy.com
Forums: mysteralegacy.com/forums

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