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Pseudo-Open-Source, Community-Modification/Plugin

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#1 Wrzlprnft



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Posted 27 June 2016 - 11:03 AM

Hellolo :)

I don't know if one remembers me, but i talked with Bumchin lately and he asked me to post it here:


I quit playing 8bitmmo and started playing and developing a open source game.

The game is developed via a Github Page, with the guy who started it in control of what gets merged into the game and what not.

The community is constantly proposing pull-requests from new content to bugfixes, even though i consider this game to have a smaller community as 8bitmmo.


Well, my mind then thought, hearing from bum what happens with 8bitmmo, what could one do instead of -quote- "stomping on RobbyZ".


I came up to Bumchin with the following points:

Make a github(or on another file and version tracking site) a repository for a community "plugin/modification" where you guys continue developing 8bitmmo. I don't know much about the server structure and how difficult testing would be, but you can at least add new stuff. This is where robbyZ comes in: if he likes stuff you do, he can make it official on the test server and then on the main server. Since the money-handling and the already existing copyright structure probably do not allow a more open-source stuff, it would be purely voluntarily.


Depending how the legal status is and how far RobbyZ would be willing to compromise, you can take over development of the actual game up to a point where the moderators or/and a senat decide what gets suggested to RobbyZ.



you can actually work together with the developer

the game may advance



It is robbyZ's game. It will stay his game.

Still lot of work someone must actually do.

I don't know the copyright and legal situation



To say it pretty informal: RobbyZ still can do whatever he does at the moment, and just from time to time look at what you others are doing, and can get money out of it(his reason to agree). You can actually work on the game and it still grows!(Community part to agree). Don't force a divorce and violence... nobody wants Autocap to become a orphan.


Edit: Honestly, i have so many other stuff to do, i won't participate much in a discussion that may result out of this. Bumchin thought it may be a solution and asked me to bring it up. I hope you can see my point and don't get distracted by my english or wording.


EditEdit: I looked around a bit, that idea does not solve money issues directly, perhaps indirectly, but i don't know.


#2 AlexINF


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Posted 28 June 2016 - 06:50 AM

Don't tell me bumchin quitted...

What is the github page? (I say, the game)

#3 Wrzlprnft



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Posted 29 June 2016 - 06:36 AM

Neh, i have quitted. Quite the time ago.




#4 bumchin


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Posted 02 July 2016 - 06:40 PM

No lol I haven't quit, but I do believe that if Robby does agree to do something like this. Game development would increase significantly. Also I beleive it could rebuild the already broken community.

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