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Sorry I have to bring this up

rant wondering thinking 8bit sorry if it seems rude

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#41 erijon3


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Posted 05 September 2016 - 01:45 PM

I'm really not a regular forum user, as you've probably noticed, but by now I feel the need to throw my own opinions out there.


Sim, you've changed. And unless there's something major I'm missing, not for the better.


I'm no programmer, but I'd like to think I'm reasonably competent at image editing. Given how simple the graphics are (which is not a criticism, just a fact) and that all systems are already in place, I honestly fail to see how a few extra blocks would take more than an afternoon to throw together. Anything to show you still care in the slightest about the game would mean a lot to most of the regular players.


As a moderator, I'd prefer to avoid questioning you, but given your response to every other thread made on the subject is to lock it and refer them back to here, yet all you do here is refer players to another thread made some time ago - I'd really like some actual answers. Even if that's just some explanation of why 'something new' has been all you're willing to say for the last few months.

I agree Meep!

#42 Starmanfan


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Posted 06 September 2016 - 02:54 AM

I agree Meep!

>likes own post


>makes a post just saying they agree


>knows how to use the like button but doesn't know when to use it 



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#43 Terrarian


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Posted 07 September 2016 - 09:16 PM

I feel like star should've liked the post he made above :P



"If it doesn't work, try again.

If it still doesn't work, try a different way or work on a different idea.

When you solve the original problem in the different project, apply, test, and improve."


   ~ Me on how to succeed. Whether it be in programming, math, or life.

#44 AJ1AJ



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Posted 16 October 2016 - 07:38 AM

Ded, dead, deead, deeaad, deeeeaad, more deeeaaad....


Idk why i check back here every year... i have better games to play... but every time i come back more e's and a's grow into deeeeeaaaaad...


I'ma just remember sim9 as someone with a blue wizard hat.... don't ask why. the image just stuck in my head...


Even if there was updates i probably wouldn't play. Constantly playing better games like starmade, trove, portal knights, stellar overload, skysaga......... and sometimes creativerse too. i like most low poly styles so loads of games for me to play... as for 9bit, it was good as a viewer to see what stuff would've looked like in 3d just before ending the game... just the game stayed on... somehow lack of care creates unique things for this game... which i suppose is cool... but apart from those, almost everything can be found in better games... most pre-release alpha games have nice communities so you could just go play any of them...some construction games similar are in 3d which i would say is better... (personally)... a lot have more content, more updates, more devs..... 


I suppose its fair to say this game has a few unique things, glitchblock placement, set of colours widely used in all creations, semi top down view and it still runs nicely... but its a old game... someone should just help sim9 to set up a newer game that is more successful and then kill this game off...


Or other nice viewing tools could be added. like map export to mesh with textures and ofc a little optimisation so glitchblocking doesnt drastically increase filesizes. ik it would be a little messed up because 9bitmmo isn't perfect 3d still and probably will never be.... but it would be a nice thing if this game were to end...


Yet, if it was asked for anyone here to make a few tiny image files for the game.... i would happily do such things... if it would help the game... (because to me it would show effort that this game isn't completely ded)... would switching this game to opensource work?


*gives hopes to sim9 for success*

by me, AJ1AJ / AJ