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8BitMMO Controls & Commands

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 06:07 AM

=Keyboard Controls=
H = Open shop
R = Enable block drop mode. Click on an empty spot to place the block you're holding
Q = Enable block Pickup mode. click on any block that YOU OWN or is in a town you own/are an official in.
Z = Zoom (in-out)
BACKSPACE = go back to the previous page (shop)
I = Open inventory
ENTER = Chat
WASD/Arrow Keys = Move
U = quests
SHIFT + U = Show/Hide Quests bar
F10 = Hide the entire interface
B = building tools display off/on
E = Interact (Open door, read sign, get reward from reward block, light nearby pumpkins, etc.)

/help = Display in-game commands help
/who = Show list of online players
/me <action> = Make a third-person emote action message. Example:
/me built 8BitMMO
*Sim9* built 8BitMMO

==Town Commands==
/towninfo = Show information about the town you're in
/towntele <townname> = teleport to a town (CITIZEN ONLY)

==Public Pad Commands==
/publicpad name <name> = Set the name of the nearby public telepad (OWNER ONLY)
/publicpad list = Lists all public telepads
/publicpad tele <name> OR /tele <name> = Teleport to the specified public telepad

===Town Mayor Commands===
/townadd = add a person to a town making them citizen
/townoff = make people officials
/towndel = remove a citizen

==Friend Commands==
/F (/friends) = shows you your friends
/friend add <player> = add the player to your friends
/friend del <player> = delete the player from your friends

==Fee Door Commands==

/fdo OR /feedoor open = pay the amount needed for the fee door and open it for 10 seconds

/feedoor fee <price> = Set the fee amount for a fee door (OWNER ONLY)

==Player Commands==

/color <1-9> = change your character's skin color

/trade <player> = Open the trade window and trade with the specified player (use / to split stacks of items in half when trading)

/sellallinv = sell all non-plat items in your inventory for 1/5 of the purchase price

Note: If you find any commands missing, just say so here.
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